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Project Scrutiny

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Project Scrutiny.

Project Crafting

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Project Crafting.

Project Design

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Project Design.

We work on

We work on commercial and residential projects, including
  • Adornment
  • Color scheme
  • Decoration
  • Interior design
  • Ornamentation
  • Cabinet works
We work on

How we work

Client Consultation


Meet with the client to understand their requirements, preferences, budget, and timeline. Discuss their vision, lifestyle, and any specific needs or challenges.
Furniture and Fixture Selection

Furniture and
Fixture Selection

Select furniture pieces, fixtures, and accessories that complement the design concept. Ensure they meet the client's needs, preferences, and quality standards.
Site Analysis


Visit the space to assess its architectural features, dimensions, natural lighting, and any existing infrastructure. Take measurements and photographs for reference.
3D Renderings or Mood Board

3D Renderings
or Mood Board

Create visual representations of the design concept using 3D renderings or mood boards. This helps the client visualize the final look and make any necessary revisions.
Concept Development


Based on the client's input, develop a design concept that aligns with their vision. Consider factors such as style, color schemes, furniture layouts, and functionality.
Budgeting and Cost Estimation

Budgeting and
Cost Estimation

Prepare a detailed budget that includes all anticipated costs, such as materials, labor, furniture, and accessories. Ensure it aligns with the client's budgetary constraints.
Space Planning


Create a detailed floor plan that optimizes the use of space. Determine the placement of furniture, fixtures, and equipment to ensure a smooth flow and functionality within the area.
Project Management


Develop a timeline and project schedule, outlining key milestones and deadlines. Coordinate with contractors, suppliers, and other professionals involved in the execution of the project.
Material Selection


Choose appropriate materials, finishes, textures, and colors that suit the design concept and meet the client's preferences and budget. Consider factors like durability, aesthetics, and maintenance requirements.
Execution and Installation

and Installation

Oversee the implementation of the design plan, including coordinating with contractors, managing the procurement of materials, and supervising the installation of furniture, fixtures, and finishes.
Lighting Design


Develop a lighting plan that includes a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to enhance the atmosphere and functionality of each space. Consider natural lighting sources as well.
Post-Installation Evaluation


Conduct a final walkthrough to ensure all elements are in place and meet the client's expectations. Address any minor issues or adjustments that may arise.